Bible Plus for Blackberry is a free and open source bible reader application for reading Palm PDB file compatible with PalmBible+.

You can download the application from the download page and the bible files from bible page.

Installation instruction is avaiable in English and Bahasa Indonesia after that you can read the documentation.


  • Multiple bible versions in multiple languages (bible files can be stored in media card)
  • Quick startup
  • Bookmarks, history
  • Fast search function
  • Copy/paste bible verse
  • Annotation/personal notes
  • Import your old PalmBible+ notes and bookmarks from your PalmOS
  • Export your annotation to Memo Pad

You can donate to help this project, or help translate the user interface to your language.

If you don't like this application, you can see other bible applications available for Blackberry.

If you have any question, you can contact me at:

If you are using Symbian, you can download Symbian bible that I wrote at

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