Connecting iPaq 1940 to Linux

I bought a Pocket PC because of the very cheap offer that i got. This PDA works very well with Windows, but not very well with Linux. Using synce you can install .cab file from Linux, uninstall the program, copy a file (yes a file at a time) from/to Linux, rename a file, delete a file, create/delete a directory, and change partnership status.


You can obtain synce from Install this software, and do this:

  1. hope and pray that the iPaq support is on your kernel, otherwise compile your kernel to add the support
  2. plug the iPAQ, type dmesg to see which USB port it uses, mine is ttyUSB0
  3. as root, type synce-serial-config /dev/ttyUSB0, this only need to be done once
  4. as ordinary user type dccm
  5. as root, type synce-serial-start
  6. as ordinary user you can do anything now, try pls, pcp or synce-install-cab

Syncing Address Book

I haven't tried this, one of the application that I find uses KDE. I'm still looking for text/console mode/gnome/X version of the softwre

Windows Still Needed

Some application (namely orange, unshield, and dynamite) has been provided on the synce website to extract cabinet file from EXE file, but the tool doesn't always work. So, sadly you will still need Windows for your Pocket PC.

PS:I'm still waiting for complete port of Linux to iPaq 1940 (specifically, I need the bluetooth)