Free (gratis), must have program for Pocket PC (iPAQ 1940)

While waiting for the guys who ported Linux to iPAQ 1940 to complete their job, I'm now using windows with open source apps (if exists) or freeware (if i have to), and I thought others might be interested with whats on my iPAQ. I Haven't give the link to all of the apps, you can just search Google for the name of the application to obtain it.


Network Tools

iPAQ 1940 doesn't have a WIFI connection, but it can use your computer connection (pass through connection) with USB/Infrared/Bluetooth connection or your cell phone connection (GSM/CDMA phones that supports IR/Bluetooth) so you still can use it for things that needs network.

Agile Messenger

A multi protocol instant messaging client, it supports ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN and has an auto update feature.

Pocket Putty

A port of the popular ssh client, a nice tool to manage your server.


See your current ip configuration (like typing ifconfig on Linux or ipconfig on Windows). vXUtil can do some of the things that this program can do except for statistic (and I need this statistic on GPRS connection that is charged by amount of data).


A swiss army knife network utility, the features are:


Check the SMS on the phone from your PDA and send SMS from your PDA through your phone. The phone must support AT command with IR or bluetooth connection.


Finch is A blog client. Sometimes its fun to write something on your journey and post it to the web. This tool is nice and simple to help blogging without using to much bandwidth and time (you may be able to log in to your blogging service using Pocke Internet Explorer, but it may cost you more)


CE File Commander

A nice file manager that has a task manager, a hex viewer, can do telnet (although I haven't tested it), has a game, and supossed to have an FTP client (which I can't get to make it work)

Total Commander

A file manager that can read ZIP files (and compress files too), can create shortcut, has a text viewer and can change file association. I think you need to have CE File Commander to get the best of two world.

Pocket RAR

A RAR/ZIP archiver (packs and unpacks RAR/ZIP file) that also supports password protected file (so you can also use this program to encrypt your file, albeit with less secure protection compared to algorithm such as AES).


Sometimes things can only be done from command line (like compiling files if you have pocket C#), although not so simple (no auto completion, and unfriendly input method)


The default calculator can only be used to do a very simple calculation, and doesn't really use the potential ability of my iPAQ. Cal98 can be used for more advanced calculation such as trigonometry, statistic, and non base-10 calculation.



Show train/mrt routes, you just need to enter the name of the place you are right now and your destination (the name of the place is usually a station, but it can also be famous place recognized listed on the database.)

Transport Guide



Python is a very nice OO programming language. Although you may never do some serious programming on your Pocket PC, the Python interpreter can be used as a very nice calculator. But of course the main reason for installing python is to run python programs on your pocket PC.


I was never good at LISP-like languages, so I'm still learning it anywhere I can (including using the Emacs editor).

Ebook Reader

Ms Reader

The ebook reader from Microsoft.

Vade Mecum

An ebook reader which is compatible with plucker (an opensource palm OS program).






Default recorder in Pocket PC can only record to wave files, but NoteM can record to MP3 files directly. This means that:

But of course the drawback is your battery will drain faster


For some people, some games is a must have on their device, but others won't even play any game. So i'm just going to list some of the freeware games that I play:

And these are some of the open source (free software) games on my Pocket PC

I also installed PocketNester, a NES emulator to play a lot of old NES games. If you like other old console games, you can search for the emulator on the Internet.