Linux Text Editors

Here is some of the text editor on Linux that i like and use


Using emacs is not very intuitive at first time, but after you get used to it, everything becomes easier, and you can do anything with Emacs. And by anything and i mean anything, i have use this among others as my text and hex editor, IDE (Integrated Development Environment for editing, compiling, and debugging my code), as my email client, as my shell, and as my calendar. This is my curent default text editor.


Emacs took a long time to start (about 1 seconds on my system with low system load), to quickly edit some code i use vi. Vi is very good at handling code, it wont code wrap your code, and will highlight code in almost every languge


I've used this text editor when i first use Linux. The keybinding is similar to Wordstar the one that i have used in my DOS days. I still use it to read some text files (but not for editing code) because it is faster than vi


I sometime used this program on X (Gnome) environment, especially if i want to show an easy to use text editor to my friends who just knew Linux.