Usage Tips


Obtaining Software Version

To show your phone version number, type *#0000#.

Obtaining IMEI Number

To show your serial number/IMEI press *#06#

Copying and Pasting

When editing text, press and hold the pencil button (also called the 'ABC' button), and move your selection by using the left or right key. Press 'Copy' to copy the text to the clipboard. Select the location you wish to paste, press the pencil button, a menu will appear, select 'Paste'.

Multiple Selection

You can make multipe selection on most list which can be marked (using the mark/unmark menu), just hold the pencil key and scoll down to mark multiple items. Press and scroll up/down again to unmark. You can also hold down the pencil key and pres the middle button to mark and item, release the pencil key, go to another position, hold the pencil key, press the middle button, and so on.

Changing Background Image

The menu to change the backgroung image may not be obviuos, this is the step to change the background image (on the standby mode): Go to Tools ->Setting -> Phone -> Standby Mode -> Background Image -> Yes, Select the image.

Screen Capture

Use a the freeware FExplorer to do screen capture from your phone application (all the screenshoots on this site are produced using FExplorer). Choose File > Tools -> Turn ScreenShot ON, just follow then on screen instruction to capture the screen (i.e. by pressing the pencil button + number '0'). You can then send the screen capture to your PC using infrared, bluetooth, cable, or card reader.

Resetting Device (Soft Reset)

Tools -> Phone settings ->General ->Orig Phone Settings. Enter lock code (default is 12345).

Resetting Device (Hard Reset)

Soft reset would solve most of your problems, but sometimes you will need to do a hard reset. I've only done this once, and here is the cause: After installing and uninstalling so many application over one year period, my GPRS connection has become very sluggish, nothing i did was useful to fix this, so i just did a hard reset, and everything went back to normal.

Warning: Hard reset will remove all your data (contacts, files, images, etc) from your phone. I suggest you only do this if you experience repeated error on your phone. The errors may be caused by hardware failure, but could also because of the software

Here is the proper step to do a hard reset:

  1. Backup all your phone data using Nokia PC Suite
  2. If you are not very sure about the backup on the PC (or if you don't have a PC), you can also create additional backup using the 'Memory' application to your memory card. This backup will restore everything to its original state (and sometimes you will also restore the error)
  3. Make sure your phone is fully charged, or plug the charger before continuing to the next step
  4. Press *#7370# answer 'Yes' and enter 00000
  5. The phone will restart it self, wait until its done, test if the phone function works fine, and make sure everything gets deleted
  6. Restore your backup if necessary

Sometimes the reset operation failed, this is how you check it: if you still have your phone book entries, then it fails. Your phone should have been reset to a very clean state. If this happens to you, after backing up your data, but before resetting the phone, delete all application from application manager, then proceed to the reset step. (4th step)

Recording Conversation

You can record your ongoing conversation using the default recorder Menu > Extra's > Recorder > Options > Record sound clip.

Making your Java (MIDP) application starts faster (and making your whole system faster)

When choosing the apps menu to run Java application/MIDlet you might find it very slow when trying to show the application list. To make things faster, remove all messages from your inbox, you may actually deletes all of your message, or you could create a new archive folder and move your message there. It seems that the phone maintains index of all messages currently on the Inbox, and the index takes so many memory space (so not only your java application list shows up faster, but generally the system prforms better after removing a lot of messages from the Inbox). And i think the apps (MIDP JVM) is also looking for uninstalled apps on the Mail folder (but i haven't checked this theory)

It seems that only Nokia 3650 have this problem, it seems that 6600 doesn't inhibit the same problem

Moving Menus

You can make your work more efficient by moving the menu item that you used the most to near the top. You can do this by selecting the icon and choose Options -> Move. You can also change the Left Soft Keys and Right Soft Keys on the Idle state to your mostly used menu. The Favorites application is also very useful to access your favorite documents and applications.

Forwarding/Sending Attachment/Files

By default, you cannot forward the files/attachments when you received it from an email, MMS, Bluetooth, or Infrared. But with the help of an application you can forward every file that you received.

Here is how the messaging system works on the Series 60. When you received a message (be it via MMS, SMS, Email, Infrared, Bluetooth), the content and the attachment of the message will be stored inside a folder on c:\System\Mail (or E:\System\Mail if you choose to use the memory card as the message storage), the name of the folder is not user friendly (consist of long numbers). If you wanted to forward or view any file you've received you just need to find the file name inside this folder

Using an Application called 'Forward'

Forward is an application that will search any files inside the mail folder, create the list of files, and allows you to forward the files. Forward does not work on some firmware version of Nokia 3650

Using an Application called 'FExplorer'

FExplorer can search for any file inside any folder. Using this feature, you can forward a file by dong this:

  1. Open FExplorer, go to the Mail Folder (C:\System\Mail or E:\System\Mail)
  2. Search for the file (using File > Find menu) you wish to forward, if you are not sure, you can use asterisk, as in *.sis (will find all file that ends with .sis)
  3. After the file is found, you can forward (using File > Send via... ) or copy the file (using Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste) somewhere else (DO NOT delete it, delete the message (from the messaging application) that corresponds to the file if you wanted to delete the file to prevent error)